Status Report From The Parade Marshalling Yard.

A short note to let you know how things are going. All of my local links seem to check out. Some of the external links appear to be dead. I am not certain whether this is due to problems on my computer (I haven’t been using it or the Internet for months) … problems on the servers … or problems in the void. Some of the links are to large popular knot sites, and it would be a major surprise and disappointment if they are closed down.

I am now moderating the comments from the past months … then on to the E-Mail. I will sneak in a post or two as I go along.

I am going slower than I would prefer, because I do not want to overextend myself and suffer another knockdown.

Thank you for stopping by … and for your patience.

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My Escape From The Dark Lands Of Chaos

The Short Version

My apologies to all for the long break in mybloging activity. Last February I took two falls… these, together with my ongoing illness, laid melow. I haven’t even been cruising the Net, letalone bloging.
I do intend to resume my bloging, but getting it upto full speed will take some time. Bear with me andI will try to make it worth your while.
For the requested longer version (possibly moreentertaining but not holding much more basicinformation) click the “More” link.


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