Toting Extra Cord On Your Booney Hat, A Link To Stormdrane’s Blog

I tie knots in paracord. Like most folks who do this, and cruise the net occasionally, I ended up on Stormdrane’s blog. He has various ways to carry extra line / cord on your booney hat. The one on this page is made using a coil of paracord tied off with button & loop toggles. At least I finally know what the local cat with the washerwoman’s coil of line around his hat was aiming at.

The one on Stormdrane’s site is much neater looking, as you would expect from seeing his other work. I don’t think I would wear it, but then again, he says he would prefer one of his other styles too. The local cat with the wacky hat had bights hanging out past the brim. The coil of line looked too tangled to use without a bit of work first. Assuming you’re doing this for emergencies, you may not have the leisure or ability to untangle it.

Stormdrane also links to some other hats on his site from this page. Those hats would be more along the lines of something I would wear. You also have to remember that if I leave my house I have on a hat — with a paracord hat band of some sort. For a hat to be so FUBAR that I would never think of wearing it, it has to be fairly far beyond the realm of normalcy.

While you are at the Stormdrane blog, look around. He has some very nice photos of some very nice work with paracord.

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