A List Of Links To Posts About Turk’s Head Roses On My Site

I have several posts now that show the various roses I thought to take pictures of — not all I’ve tied, just all I shot. The links are in this list, oldest first:

The red roses from the hat My Lady Rose wore to the local run for the roses, annual, best hat contest.

A top down detail of the big rose from the hat set.

A top down shot of the larger blossoms from the wedding roses.

A white rose with buds and leaves form the wedding set.

Detail of red roses from the wedding set.

Detail of pink roses from the wedding set.

I can only imagine this list will grow over time. I already have a request for more roses; I don’t think that will change in the future. I may as well start keeping stock on hand.

I hope you profited from your visit to my site. Pleasure and/or learning, either or both as you like. Come back again; as parade master I’ll try to keep it interesting: