My Escape From The Dark Lands Of Chaos

The Short Version

My apologies to all for the long break in mybloging activity. Last February I took two falls… these, together with my ongoing illness, laid melow. I haven’t even been cruising the Net, letalone bloging.
I do intend to resume my bloging, but getting it upto full speed will take some time. Bear with me andI will try to make it worth your while.
For the requested longer version (possibly moreentertaining but not holding much more basicinformation) click the “More” link.

The Long Version

During the holiday season of 2009 I pushed myactivity level higher than wisdom would dictate.Whatever forces keep the universe balanced betweenthe powers of order and chaos looked at me anddecided that things were going entirely too well.The first week of February 2010 I took a fall.Luckily I managed to hit the couch. I took this asa shot across the bows, and thought I was being morecareful afterwards.
Less than a week later, I was informed of my lackof respect for the Lords of the Universe by anotherfall. This one was a full height crash onto ice/snowcovered concrete. I had no choice but to take thisone more seriously. I turned into the fall andmanaged to take the major impact on my forearms –nothing major broken. I thought I had skatedthrough again. By the next morning I knew better, asthe toll started to mount.
I am of larger than average build/height and whenyou get that much material moving and then stop itin less than an inch, the energy has to be dumpedsomewhere. Imagine if you will an old woodensailing ship … the windward stays part … themast whips to leeward and breaks off short justabove the deck … by the time the masthead reachesthe horizontal it has a large amount of energybuilt up … that was me. Everything from my brainsto my liver absorbed that energy and paid theprice. One of the most problematic was that my lefthand was greatly weakened and lost a lot ofcoordination, making my normal knot tying impossible.
It was at this point that the illness that keepsme so well supplied with bottles to tie knots onnoticed my weakness. It attacked with gusto andgleefully wreaked havoc. As bad as the physicaldamage was, the worst was the brain fog that madethings like reading and writing so others couldmake it out all but impossible. I haven’t beenventuring into the void to read others’ blogs …maintaining my own was beyond me.
I am going to start working on it, but it is goingto take a while to build up headway. First I’llhave to check for dead links and such … then I’llhave to moderate comments and catch up on E-Mail.After that comes the parade.
My apologies to one and all. I am coming back …that’s me just peaking over the horizon.

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