Knots As Art, Art In Knots, Crafty Knots, And Knots In Crafts. I’Ll Do My Best But It Makes My Head Hurt Already.

Knot as art — knot as craft; some of the people and places where you may see one or the other. How it is made, and where it is shown. How can you tell the difference — if one can. The overlap here is monstrously large: fancywork, decorative knots, marlingspike skills, and knots from the world of mathematics. Just start digging till you hit something that interests you.

I have no relationship with the sites I review, other than a few which I have been a customer of. I will not receive any direct rewards, fiscal or otherwise, for my reviews or any visits you may make.

Knot art, knots claimed to be art, and art about the subject of knots. This is the high art type of thing.

The craft of knots, craftsmen who tie knots. Crafty knot tyers who actually make “Art”.

Ed Bing Lee: Knot art that is so fantastic and fantasy-filled you have to double check to ensure it is knots. This is true art which is made of knots, but is accepted by the Art World as Art. Using the macrame-style half-hitching almost exclusively, Mr. Lee creates multi-colored pieces that will make your brain stutter to a halt. He works with cords so thin you think he is either tremendously near-sighted, or uses a large lighted magnifying glass. Go look at this site at least once, and maybe again when you think your latest project is too difficult. It will help you regain your perspective on your work. Reviewed 2010.01.26.

Other art than knots, though some of it ties my mind in knots.

M. C. Escher; the official website: What does Escher have to do with knots?  Well, looking at some of his work ties my brain into knots. Actually, none that I know of. On the doorway to the links pages I said that some of the links would be to things which interest me. Escher has always interested me. If you don’t know who Escher is or are unfamiliar with his work, this site is the best way to learn. You can always bounce out with one click, but if you find you like what you see, it will open a door in your mind. Reviewed 2010.01.30.

Pictures both photographic and artistic of knots that are, or knots that could never be.

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