Groups, associations, organizations, museums, exhibitions, and traveling knot shows.

Association, and organizations, that try to further the future of cordage, knots, and the tools we use. Some try to interest civilians in the Grandest Hobby yet extracted from man’s occupational skills. Some try to insure that those who ply some trade with rope are skilled enough to be worth their hire. Some try to conjure up some way to drive up their sales so more people will tie knots with the things that puts money in their pockets. All of these are honorable endeavours when honorably pursued.

I have no relationship with the sites I review, other than a few which I have been a customer of. I will not receive any direct rewards, fiscal or otherwise, for my reviews or any visits you may make.

Associations that wish to educate the populace about the glorious pleasure of knots and tying them.

Associations that try their best to improve the trade of making, selling or using cordage.

The Cordage Institute: A trade association for the rope and cordage industry. Like all similar groups, it seeks to increase the market for its members. The usual tools are consumer, dealer, and politician education and supplying information for their use. By producing standards for the industry’s use, it makes the product more trustworthy in the eyes of the consumer, and hopefully avoids political regulation. The site is very informative if you are looking for rope or cordage, the products used to make it, or the equipment needed. At the very least, it will give you an idea for a list of people to call. Reviewed 2010.01.14.

Places you may become educated in some aspect of ropes and such, along with their making and use. Although I did meet one gentleman who could beat me nigh unto death with book learning about knots — but couldn’t tie both his shoes the same way.

Museums, expositions, displays, and other highly organized opportunities to look at knot work done by others.

Associations, groups, clans, and organizations, which support subjects or fields closely allied to cordage and rope.

The Wooden Boat Foundation: As you may guess from the name, it is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving as much of the wooden boating world as it can: the knowledge to build/repair the vessels; the aesthetic appreciation to buy and use them; to learn about the wooden boats and the things related to them. They have been doing a fine job by all acounts. For knot prople, they have a selection of knot books at a fair price among the other things in their chandlery.

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