Forums & Chat groups, Newsgroups, And People Who Talk Knots.

Places to talk about knots, and some people who do so. General information on knots and cordage, and all other things knot-ish. These are mostly forums, chat groups, newsgroups, groups of Instant Massager’s, and bulletin boards, with some E-Mail relay groups. Some of them meet in real life, but most meet only in the void. Many of theses groups are tied to other sites about knots and this is how they keep the community aspect of that site alive. Bear in mind that most if not all of these groups are attached to or support a web site.

I have no relationship with the sites I review, other than a few which I have been a customer of. I will not receive any direct rewards, fiscal or otherwise, for my reviews or any visits you may make.





Every Day Carry Forums: The things you carry every day, which varies a lot depending on where and when you are planning to carry. Somewhere in these forums are some hints/tips for whenever or wherever you are going. They also have some nicely done complete project tutorials. I read one on making a rock sling out of paracord which was excellent. It isn’t pure knots, and you may not need it every day of your life, but it is worth going here occasionally. Reviewed on 2010.01.15.

Knife Forums: As the name indicates, this site is primarily about knives and other thin, sharp-edged things. Because there is a general tenor of the tactical/survival flavor, there are also posts about various other things which fit in with the mood. Some of them are well above average things to do with cordage, usually the ubiquitous paracord. If you are planning a project that fits into this genre you might drop by to check. To think, only a few years ago the only place to get paracord was from a parachute maintenance shop or an Army surplus parachute. Now it pervades the world and is everywhere you look — don’t get me wrong, me, I love the stuff. Reviewed on 2010.01.15.

Please remember that there is a lot of overlap and inbreeding among the sites on my links list. You could always try another list  — or a site search

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