Cordage,Lines,Ropes, And Materials — Along With The Tools And Supplies You Need To Work Them.

Materials, cordage, and tools; all the folks that supply the things we tie, and the things we need while tying them. Some manufacture and then sell their own goods. Most companies make their goods and the depend on others to sell them. Here you will also find some folks who review these things. This page has everything but the knowledge; for that check the other pages.

I have no relationship with the sites I review, other than a few which I have been a customer of. I will not receive any direct rewards, fiscal or otherwise, for my reviews or any visits you may make.


Cool Glow Stuff: This site sells Glow In The Dark “GITD” cord and accoutrements. They state that there is about a 12 hour glow life, after charging by putting under a bright light. There is nylon double braid cord available in 3/32″ with a breaking point of 500 lbs, and 1/8″ for a 1000 lb breaking point. Of course, the only real way to see if it will work in your application is to field test it. There are some interesting knots made of this cord; shown glowing. I may have to buy some to make my flashlights even easier to find. They also sell some other GITD items. Most notable is the ceramic tile house numbers that glow. Being ceramic they should live through most things, and glowing makes them easier to see. If you were the only one on the street with them, you wouldn’t even need to be able to read them to spot your house. Reviewed on 2010.01.15.

Macrame SuperStore: Sub-titled “I tied the knot with Pepperell Braiding”. This is a store which was set up as an outlet for the cordage products of Pepperell Braiding Company, as well as other things you might need for macrame. It isn’t an outlet in the sense of being a deeply discounted way to dump excess inventory, though the prices seem to be fair. The only time I have used their products I bought locally. I used the 4mm cord for the original Rose Hat Band — the cord worked well and I had no complaints. If you need some cord or things to go with the cord which are similar to what they sell, you might want to check them out. You would think that cutting out the middleman would cut out some of the cost — if they pass that on to you that is a good thing. Reviewed 2010.01.29.

R.W.Rope: Was a pleasure to deal with. I talked to Mr. Bob Dollar, a friendly and knowledgeable knot tyer. This made the process much easier, because we talked the same lingo. The delivery was rapid, the order as specified, and the product excellent. I will be shopping there in the future. They stock everything from traditional boating lines to some of the most modern products. The paracord is of very high quality and comes in a selection of colors. They also keep some small coils of a nylon utility cord that is superb for small fancywork.






TRADITIONAL THINGS THAT WERE, AND TO SOME DEGREE STILL ARE Makes, using traditional methods, then sells: bell ropes, sea chests, sea chest beckets, fids, and fancy knots. His work looks very handsome on the net, but I have never seen one on the hoof. Like all things of special interest, and only to a limited market, they are priced on the high side for most people. On the other hand, he has a whole life of training, plus time spent in them — how much would it cost you to replicate them? Worth a look even if all you do is window shop.


Creative Designworks Plus: It sells the plastic and metal findings used to assemble web gear and such. I have not used, nor do I know anyone who has used them. But how wrong can it be? This is one of those things that is either noticeably all right or noticeably crap. If you try them, let me know, okay? Reviewed on 2010.01.15.

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