A Trawl-net Full Of Links And Things About Knots.

A Trawl-net Full Of Things About Knots, Braids, Rope And Cordage; And Related & Semi-Related Things. Also There Will Be Some Things Here That Are Only Vaguely Related To Cordage Or Knots But Which Interest Me.

Because there a lots of knot and cordage related web sites on the net I have tried to allow for methodical expansion. The links below go the subcategories that I plan to fill with reviewed links. Some already have links — if there is an area that you would especially like to see filled let me know about it. Also leave a comment if you would like to see any particular site listed.

I have no relationship with the sites I review, other than a few which I have been a customer of. I will not receive any direct rewards, fiscal or otherwise, for my reviews or any visits you may make.

Practical marlingspike seamanship and knots; links to mostly knots and such that have utility as their primary function.

Fancy & decorative knots; things, techniques, and uses that are primarily decorative in function.

Maritime knots, knots and cordage used on and around boats and ships.

Braids & braiding; from kumi-himo to plastic lace — a braid is a braid.

Places to talk about knots, and some people who do so. General information on knots and cordage.

Associations, organizations, museums, & other groups try to improve the knotting world.

Ropes & cordage; the makers, testers, and suppliers of the stuff we tie.

Materials & tools sources; the people who sell the things we want. Also some people who review the things we buy.

Knot art — knot craft, pictures and people — how it is made and shown as art. The other, though not lower level, is knots as craft.

Science of knots; the study of knots real and mathematical. Some of this is a little arcane, but is about knots — you can just skip the parts that don’t appeal.

Please remember that there is an immense amount of overlap. Practical knots can be quite decorative .. and vice versa. Knots that are used to climb trees can easily fall to hand when climbing mountains. The dividing lines in much of things knot-like are very fuzzy. If you think something belongs in another category — sing out. If you think I missed something — send me the link. If you find a site that isn’t functional, or has morphed into something inappropriate — let me know. If you know of anything that would improve my site, or the links list — please let me know.

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  1. very nice blog you own and operate ,,i can knot a very few limited items and would like to knot a turks head knot bracelet,,any suggestion of a tutorial/book/video/link/etc that i can read and follow,,i`m not slow just a tad confused at the over/under/bights etc,,,please dont suggest abok,,i have read and re-read that book,,i mite be ready for it in 20 yrs,,again your work looks great thanx for any help you can offer in advance


    • Patrik:

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Tying Turk’s Head knots seems to be on of those tasks that different people think about in vastly different ways. What is glaringly obvious to one person will be imperceivable to another. Kind of like reading maps and then navigating over the lands they show. Some people use different mental methods to do the same thing other people do another way.

      Here are two links to sites that have tutorials on Turk’s Head knots. They use different methods of presenting the tasks involved, and one, the other or maybe both together may work for you.

      The first is a site by Mr. Loren Damewood. He makes and sells Turk’s Head knots in precious metals. He also has some tutorials which have worked for people who have not been able to follow other lessons on other sites.

      Mr. Sydney Wood has an extraordinary site about Turk’s Heads and their kin. He has generously posted many lessons on tying these knots. While he does follow the more beaten path his site is very thorough and it may be you have to start small and work up to grasp the hidden secrets of knots.

      If these don’t do the trick let me know and tell me what the hang up is and I’ll try again.

      come back again.



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