A Small Brush With The Grip Dressed By A Herringbone Knot

A Herringbone knot graces the handle of a small brush.

A Herringbone knot graces the handle of a small brush.

I have a very competitive personality — if there is no one else to compete with, I compete with myself. I am always trying to improve my skills in whatever my present endeavor might be. I’m always trying to go bigger, higher, faster, further, or for a longer duration. This applies to my web site, as it does to everything else I do. In trying to better the photographs I take for my site, I discovered that the close-ups the site requires are different than any other pictures I’ve taken in the past. The tiniest speck of dust shows loud and large on a tight close-up. So I procured this brush to dust the knots off before I take the shots. Of course, a store bought off – the – shelf brush couldn’t live around here for long without ending up with a knot of its very own. It improves the grip by making a larger, high friction surface for me to get my fingers on. The whole brush is only about 4″ long, so there isn’t much for me to grab with my big mitts. The raised knot is a great improvement. Any bets on how long it is before the star of this post is demoted to mouse, and covered up with another “even better” knot?

The knot I used on this brush — so far — is:

Because of the small area I had to work in, I used a smaller knot. This is a Herringbone knot of 10 Leads X 8 Bights, done in an off-green paracord. It makes the handle on this little imp about 3 times thicker than it was — an enormous improvement in my ability to get a secure grip. The fact that it is also a high friction surface doesn’t hurt it a bit in that role either.

Thank you for dropping by my site. I appreciate your visits, and any comments you care to leave. Come back again; tonight, at the zenith of the first quarter of the moon, the rites to the Gods Of Ropes And Knots may bear fruit:


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