How Do You Improve A Four Pound Hammer? … You Cover The Grip In Turk’s Head Knots.

A hammer handle grip improved by Turk's Head knots.

A hammer handle grip improved by Turk's Head knots.

As you can tell by my site, I tie knots — lots of knots — almost every day. One of the rules I try to live my life by is: “If you have to throw a rock, try to kill at least two birds with every stone you throw”. Nota Bene; These are figurative birds not real ones, so there is no need for PETA to get upset. The message — economy of action, get the most work you can out of any labor you must do. Combining the maxim and the knots — if you are going to tie a knot put it to good use.

The knots in today’s post were placed on a hammer handle. They changed it from the one – size – fits – all of the factory, to a grip custom made to fit both my hand and the way I work. The result is a safer tool which is easier to use.

The knots used to improve the hammer handle are:

The first knot I put on was the bi-colored 2 Bight Turk’s Head. This knot has 23 Leads. The weave was done with 3 strands of paracord, 2 black strands split by 1 green one. This gives a grip which is just long enough to cover the part of the handle which I hold. For the curious or detail minded among you that is just over 5″. ( Go ahead — try finding gloves which fit a Sasquatch XXL hand … even the Army gave up on that job. ) This was a great improvement over the no – splinters smooth from the factory, but was still not great.

The next step was to add the black Turk’s Head in the center of the first knot. It counts out to be 8 Leads X 7 Bights, doubled. Yep — paracord was the choice again — and yep — I do buy the stuff by the reel/spool. This knot fills the hollow of my palm enough to make it both more safe and more comfortable to use. With a secure hand-filling grip there is less chance of a slip when beating the Devil out of something. It’s more comfortable because with my hand full it does not slip or rotate in my grip when beating the aforementioned Devil.

There is one other less obvious virtue to having knots on the hand – grip of everything you own. In addition to the custom fit, it also works well as a brand for an ownership mark. Everyone on the job will know that is your tool, making it less likely your tool will grow legs when you aren’t looking, and go walkabout. Even if you remove the knots, as some less evolved people might do to muddy the ownership waters, it leaves a mark which is difficult to erase in a short time.

But wait — he said it makes the grip fit both his hand > and < the way he works. The grip I understand, but how does it make the hammer fit the way he works? The answer, oh observant one, is that I tend to do everything with great gusto and at a very high energy level. I tend to use way more force than might strictly be necessary for the job at hand. This new and improved custom hand grip means that while I am flailing away at something, I won’t have any of the accidents typically caused by a poor grip.

Thank you for dropping by my site. Come back again; the parade of knots occasionally misses a step, but it keeps on marching:


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