A Bangle Bracelet Made From A Paracord Grommet And A Turk’s Head Knot

A three strand grommet and a Turk's Head knot make a very handsome bangle bracelet.

A three strand grommet and a Turk's Head knot make a very handsome bangle bracelet.

Now that I have broken the string of flashlight pictures, it looks like I have fallen into another series. This time bracelets are the blue plate special.

In my last post I gave my motivations for making bracelets out of knotwork. I won’t repeat it here; it is in the post below, and one day earlier, than this one.

The knots used on this bracelet were:

The hoop of the bracelet is made of a three strand grommet, but it has a secret. To both add body, and make it more stable, there is a fourth strand which runs straight through the middle. Because paracord never had the inherent twist built in, it doesn’t lay up like a strand from a laid rope does. Also, in this particular instance, the paracord wasn’t as tightly made as some, so it was a little limper than usual. Adding the fourth strand counteracted both these potential problems, so it seemed the prudent thing to do.

Covering the ends of the strands making the grommet, and dressing the bracelet, is a Turk’s Head knot. It is made of black paracord to offset the green hoop. This knot has 5 Leads X 3 Bights, doubled.

MY Lady Rose wore this to a family function, and she’s from a big family, so there were lots of folks. She received nothing but compliments. This family is one which isn’t real big on the polite lie, so I rank it more highly than if the feedback were from another group. One of the best compliments in the world of cooks isn’t the nice things people say — sometimes people are just too polite. It’s when you set the food in front of them, and as they start to eat they quit talking to concentrate on the food. We used to call it “silence followed by an empty plate”. It is the best compliment a chef/cook can get — it is never a polite lie. When I make things for My Lady Rose there is a similar rule I use. Does she ever pick it out to wear again, on her own with no prompting? If she does I rank it more highly than something she wears only once.

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