A Neon Yellow Spanish Ring Knot Stacked On A Herringbone Knot Makes This Flashlight Easier To Find

A neon yellow Herringbone knot and a Spanish Ring knot improve a flashlight.

A neon yellow Herringbone knot and a Spanish Ring knot improve a flashlight.

This relatively expensive C-cell flashlight light was a gift from My Lady Rose. This means that I waited til she left the room before I started tying knots on it to “improve” it. The proverbial problem with flashlights is that when you really need them, you can’t find them in the dark. A white or neon yellow knot makes this task much easier. Of course, over time I tend to crowd on more knots. If the quantity of cord used had any correlation to your ability to find them in the dark, I have a couple I should be able to find over the phone.

The knots shown in this photo are:

At first I put on a Herringbone knot of 10 Leads X 8 Bights. It greatly improved my ability to focus the beam — that hand thing you know.

I then noticed one odd little quirk. I keep this light standing bell end down on the floor nest to the bed. This meant that when looking down on the flashlight to find it, I was presented with only the edge of the Herringbone knot — not the best visual target. To enlarge the target for this butt end view, I clapped on a Spanish Ring knot, also in neon yellow paracord. This is a knot of 3 passes. Now that I know Mr. Tom Hall counts the Leads & Bights on these knots, it is of 7 Leads X 23 Bights. Yes I counted the little devils, and yes I lost count, twice — stubbornness is a vastly under-rated virtue.

Some years ago I had to remove a Spanish Ring knot from a project; it just didn’t fit the spot. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I slowly vivisected it to try and learn its secrets. What I saw was the same structure I saw when I un-tied a Gaucho knot. It was only one vee wide, but it was the same. Since then I have always thought of Spanish Ring knots as the unwelcome in-laws of Gaucho knots. Last year I bought Tom Hall’s book on Turk’s Heads & their kin. In it he called the Spanish Ring knot “the thinnest Gaucho knot”. Look! Outside verification, by a recognized authority in the field no less. Geesh — will wonders never cease.

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