Medicine Bottle # 41; A Bi-Color Herringbone Knot, A Turk’s Head On The Lid

Medicine Bottle #41; With a bi-color Herringbone knot and 2 Turk's Heads.

Medicine Bottle #41; With a bi-color Herringbone knot and 2 Turk's Heads.

This is the next piece from the “Medicine Bottle Collection”. Though it once held medicine, it is of a different size and shape than most. Its nice to have some change now and then — the spice of life, you know. All this restricted knot tying is hard on someone whose picture is next to “Bored Easily” in the Oxford English Dictionary.

The knots on this bottle are; from the top of the picture — bottom of the bottle:

A Herringbone knot of 2 passes. Each pass is of a different color. I was experimenting with the idea of using a probe to forcefully dress the bights so that they nested tightly within one another. Not a good idea, even where it worked, as it made the knot look odd compared to my mental picture of a proper Herringbone knot.

The thin black ring is made of gutted paracord tied as a 3 Lead X 5 Bight Turk’s Head.

The knot tied around the lid is there primarily to improve the grip. The fact that I also find it to be a handsome improvement is just good karma. The knot is a Turk’s Head of 5 Leads X 9 Bights, raised from a 3 Lead knot.

The larger diameter makes for better leverage, the texture makes for good grip, the looks makes for a more attractive stack of bedside bottles — all in all, a win.

Thank you for dropping by my site. If you can see any improvements I could make to knots or site, sing out. I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Come back again; the parade of knots is building up to normal speed once more:



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