And now for something completely different; a new link farm has planted its first knot seeds.

After gentle prompting I have been forced to admit that it is time for me to put something back into the Internet pool of assets. I must have been subconsciously leaning this way — they never had to go above the 4 pound hammer to explain it so that I could see the wisdom of this action.

There is little I could put back which others might find useful. I’m already posting pictures of my knots, so what else to do? I have spent years cruising the net looking for knots and knot information. “We” have decided that I am going to start putting up some of my links to knotting destinations on the web. (There, I said it — now give me the bandage!)

I have some idea of what you may want, but unfortunately, it is based on what I think. I am looking for the link referral areas you wish to see filled first. I’m looking for suggestions for links you would like to see covered. If you think I have said too much/little about a site, or that I missed its greatest virtue —  I would like to hear about it.

The basic framework is ready. I’ll put it up after one last proof read. At first it will be almost empty; it will grow. If you wish to influence how it grows, reread the last paragraph and then sing out.

I go now to proofread … and hide that “Satan’s Best” brand 4 pound hammer. After that I’ll start posting links. The parade of knots will resume shortly.

Thank you for coming by my site. I do hope to see/hear from all of you. Come back again; the link collection will share the limelight with the parade of knots. Once everything gets moving they should both kick right along:


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