A Turk’s Head And A Bi-color Herringbone Knot Worked Over A PVC Pipe

PVC pipe with a bi-color Herringbone knot and a doubled Turk's Head.

PVC pipe with a bi-color Herringbone knot and a doubled Turk's Head.

This is the other end of the practice pipe featured in my last post. The 2 knots in the center of the pipe you shall never see, they are just too ug… No, wait — let me think — yeah, that’s it, the pictures of the 2 knots in the center didn’t come out. That’s it; of course, if I keep showing skills of this sort some politician may try to hire me.

Let’s go back to knots now. The knots in today’s post are; from the top/right end:

This knot is a Turk’s Head of 13 Leads X 4 Bights, doubled in paracord. The color is a green of sorts in real life. The color of the lighting, and the fact that I tie knots better than I take their portraits, explains the rest.

The central knot is a Herringbone interweave of 26 Leads X 9 Bights, as per the Tom Hall counting method. I have seen others, and done so myself, who counted the base knot only. I am partway through Mr. Hall’s book on Turk’s Head knots and their kin. I still don’t know what I think — if you have any thoughts on the matter please pass them on.

By the by, I bought this book last year from Mr. Martin Combs. He runs an excellent specialty site for books about knots and tall ships. I recommend both him and his business. Even though it is a small sideline, he runs it in a most business-like manner. Nota Bene: I have no relationship with him or his site other than as a satisfied customer — nor will I receive any rewards for this statement. The only benefit I expect is that the next time I want some rare-ish books on knots he will still be open for business.

Thank you dropping by my site. If you have any ideas for how I can improve either my knots or my site — sing out. Come back again; you won’t see those missing knots, but you will see some others:



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