A Bi-Color Turk’s Head Of Twenty-One Leads X Four Bights

A Turk's Head of 21 Leads X 4 Bights, doubled in green & white paracord.

A Turk's Head of 21 Leads X 4 Bights, doubled in green & white paracord.

This is another in the endless series of “practice knots” which I tie with no particular end use in mind. If I don’t use my hands a certain amount every evening, when I wake up they are frozen in whichever position I slept. This is aggravating mentally, and renders me useless for some time in the morning. So I have the  Perfect excuse to tie knots — every day. It says so, right here on this letter from my doctor. Luckily, it is something I enjoy — much better than some mindless and utterly useless activity.

This knot is a Turk’s Head, and as per the headline, it has 21 Leads X 4 Bights. Tied doubled in green and white paracord, it makes a handsome knot. This is tied around a piece of 1/2″ nominal size PVC pipe, so it closes down very well for such a dramatic looking knot. I have worked a similar knot down tight on a 3/8″ dowel, though that is probably close to the event horizon on this knot.

Thank you for coming by my site. I do greatly appreciate your visits, and any input you care to give. Come back again; the parade of knots is marshaling well and on time:


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  1. (Turk’s Head of 21 Leads X 4 Bights)

    would love to learn this knot, you have some book or manual that you can send me.

    Marcos (Brazil)

    • Sr. Antonio Marcos:

      Thank you for visiting my site, and for leaving a comment.

      Before I can give you my best answer, I need a little more information. Are you a knot tyer, or is this a first interest in knots? Do you wish to learn to tie only this one knot, or do you want to learn to tie Turk’s Head knots in general? If you could let me know I’ll see if I can find the resource that will best fill your needs.

      Looking forward to your answer — the more knot tyers in the world the better.


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