Hot Sauce Bottle # 7; Turk’s Heads And Gaucho Knots In Green And White Paracord

It has been a little while since the last hot sauce bottle ... so here we go!

IHot Sauce Bottle #7; Green and white Turk's Heads and Gaucho knots on this one.

It has been a little while since the last hot sauce bottle … so here we go!

The knots used on today’s bottle are, from the top:

The neck is covered (or more correctly strangled as tight as possible) by a Turk’s Head knot of 7 Leads X 5 Bights, doubled in green paracord.

The next knot, and the one that is so busy-looking it grabs your eye, is a Turk’s Head of 13 Leads X 12 Bights, doubled in green and white paracord. Because of the shape of the bottle, and how tightly I work, this knot is slightly out of line. By the time this is apparent, it is too late to do anything but keep going — or rip it off and start over. Guess which I chose!

The white ring under the main knot is a Spanish Ring knot of 3 passes, tied in a utility cord of a slightly larger diameter. I was reading a book about Turk’s Head knots by Tom Hall, in which he verifies my suspicion that Spanish Ring knots are the world’s simplest Gaucho knots. This is something I have long believed after the vivisection of a knot I was removing from a project. Yes, I was taking it off because I had tied it way too tightly.

The bottom knot is a Gaucho knot of 13 Leads X 12 Bights. The coincidence of the counts on these two knots being the same is not a coincidence. I will do things like this when tying “practice knots” to see how they are similar, and where they differ. It is sometimes amazing how knots that have a lot in common will look, either obviously kin, or as if crossbred with some knot tied by beings from the gas clouds of the Orion nebulae. The underlying system still eludes me. These things are nice to know when you need to fill a particular spot on a project.

Thank you for coming by my site. Come back again; the New Year ceremonies to the Gods Of Ropes And Knots look like they may bear fruit:



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