A Golf Ball Wrapped In A Spanish Ring Knot

A golf ball wrapped in a Spanish Ring knot.

A golf ball wrapped in a Spanish Ring knot.

I seem to remember saying this in another post, but just in case, this may save you money, or solve a problem. I don’t really play golf — and these aren’t real golf balls. These are “practice golf balls”, at least that is what it says on the label. They are thin plastic, hollow, and inexpensive. I buy them by the tube when they are on sale. If you tie your knots as tightly as I do, you will crush one every now and then. It is still cheaper than most things of this diameter that you can purchase to tie knots on. You can practice on these and save the good (more expensive) things for when you need to make a high-line item. Like those occasions when someone is actually going to pay you for something.

The knot here is a Spanish Ring knot of 2 passes, doubled in green paracord. Not much else to say that you can’t learn from the photo, so I guess I’m done for the day.

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