Medicine Bottle # 36; A Mix Of Knots I Made As A Practice Piece — It Turned Out Well

Medicine Bottle #36; Turk's Heads & Gaucho knots dress this bottle

Medicine Bottle #36; Turk's Heads & Gaucho knots dress this bottle

Medicine Bottle #36; Turk's Heads & Gaucho knots dress this bottle

Medicine Bottle #36; Turk's Heads & Gaucho knots dress this bottle

Some of the knots I tie, I already know, and know how they will turn out. Others I tie as practice for knots I am trying to learn, or to see how some change will effect them. The experimental knot on this one is the Gaucho knot which wraps around the bottom. I had never tried making the turn from side of bottle to bottom with a Gaucho knot. As long as I was experimenting, I decided to also make each pass in a different color. I normally keep one of the colors down to a Lightning Bolt, so this was new at the time. I decided that these knots were worth passing on to my friend — who passes them on.

The knots used on this bottle are, from the top:

The top ring is a Turk’s Head of 3 Leads X 13 Bights, done in white paracord.

The black knot is a Turk’s Head knot done over a mouse, my usual unknown other Turk’s Head mouse. This knot is of 5 Leads X 9 Bights, doubled. It also has the straight edge which is done as Grant does his “Colima Lazy Man’s Knot”. This makes for a nice change, and is also very useful if you need a straight edge on a knot.

The white knot which comes next is a Gaucho knot of two passes, done in paracord. The count on this one is the now-familiar 9 Leads X 7 Bights, with an over 2, under 2, weave. For some reason, I end up tying a lot of knots with the same count; probably because I tie them in hand and that is how big three fingers works out to be.

The last knot on this bottle starts off tight under the white Gaucho knot, then laps over the corner and covers all but a small circle of the bottom. Not the most practical knot in the world for a firm footing, but it was a nice practice piece. The count works out to 17 Leads X 16 Bights — I think that is right, but it is hard to count without disassembling the knot. That would defeat the give – them – away – to – someone – who – wants – them aspect of my knot tying. So keeping karma in mind, that is close enough on the count.

Thank you for coming by my site. If you have some way that I can improve either my knots or my site, please sing out. Come back again; the parade of knots is starting a new year, like the rest of us:



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