Why Do I Show Less-Than-Perfect Knots?

A gentleman used the direct E-Mail link to ask why I showed less-than-perfect knots on my site. He was of the opinion that they dragged down the impression the better knots gave you.

That is true. If all I showed were stunningly perfect masterpieces, my site would make me look like a knot tying wizard. That isn’t my goal. I started this whole operation to learn how to improve my knots. If all I show is the fantastic examples, the only thing I can do is reinforce what I already know. We all learn more from our mistakes than our successes, which are just how we keep score. By exposing my weaknesses I may lower the overall impression of my site, but that also gives the people who are better than I am the opportunity to teach me — or at least give me some hints. Living as I do in an isolated part of the country, and nowhere near anyone who appreciates knots as a craft/art, I have only casual feedback based almost solely on appearance. I want a higher level of critical examination of my knots — that is the reason I am here. The only way I know to achieve that is to show my failures, or near misses, alongside my successes. That is also the reason I constantly repeat my invitation for you to tell me how I can improve my knots and my site. The major difference between what I say and what you usually hear along those lines is that I truly mean every word. I want to hear from you, whether you are coming from knowing the deep dark secrets of the most arcane and rare knots … or you are coming from a viewpoint which only considers the look. Both are valuable to me, and both are equally appreciated. In return I try to give you a site which is interesting, entertaining, and helpful. If you enjoy my site, or learn from it — if you come back more than once because it pays in some way — then I have done my job.

Thank you for visiting my site, as always. If you have read this post, you also deserve a special thanks — no eye candy here. Come back again; I’ll get the parade of knots back on the march:


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