Medicine Bottle #35; Turk’s Heads Make This A Handsome Bottle

Medicine Bottle #35; a very handsome example of Turk's Heads covering a bottle.

Medicine Bottle #35; a very handsome example of Turk's Heads covering a bottle.

I suppose that as long as I have to take all this demon-cursed medicine I’ll have homes for my knots. Given that I have doctor’s instructions to exercise my hands every day, I now have a valid legal excuse to tie knots — every day. If I didn’t have a friend who gave away most of my bottles I would be awash in knot-covered bottles.

This is one of the better bottles. The knots used are, from the top:

The white knot is a Turk’s Head of 5 Leads X 14 Bights, doubled in paracord. The shape is created by the underlying mouse.

The mouse is composed of the top of the knot which covers most of the bottle, and another Turk’s Head of 3 Leads X 8 Bights, doubled in black paracord. In person you can just see the bottom edge of this knot — the photo is artfully arranged to obscure most of it. You can still see it if you look at the large shot, and maybe zoom in.

The knot that covers the body of this bottle is a Turk’s Head of 8 Leads X 5 Bights, tripled in black paracord.

The three knots conspire to make this a very handsome example — I may end up keeping this one. After 12 or 14 years one of my bottles that I open 6 times a day is starting to falter. Probably my fault as much as its — I put the lids on bottles the same way I work knots down — tightly, very tightly.

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