A Jam Jar; Empty Now, But Its Outer Self Is Improved By Turk’s Head Knots

A jam jar covered in Turk's Head variants.

A jam jar covered in Turk's Head variants.

As anyone who has been here before knows, I tie knots on just about anything that is in the right size range. I end up doing a lot of containers of different sorts. I sometimes even wait for them to become empty. This is one of those times. Now if I can only think up a purported use for this jar to justify the time, effort, and money spent. … … … I know — I needed another jar to store my things that will fit through the mouth of this jar. I know I have some lying around here somewhere…

Now that the happy hour is over, on to the knots, from the top:

The top knot is a little crowded because of the shape of the jar. It is, however, one of my stock knots. A Gaucho knot of 2 passes. The final count is 9 Leads X 7 Bights of single strands of paracord.

The white knot is a Turk’s Head of 9 Leads X 4 Bights, doubled in paracord. To be honest, looking at it now it also appears to be a little crowded. Funny how I didn’t see that when I was tying it.

The lowest knot, and by virtue of being the one which isn’t being pushed out of shape by the bottle, is the feature knot. It’s a Turk’s Head of 7 Leads X 13 Bights, doubled in green paracord. Even without the other knots being compromised, it would be a hard knot to beat.

Now I have to go look for something to store in this bedeviled jar.

Thank you for dropping by my site. If you know of any way by which I could improve my site, or my knots, please sing out. I would greatly appreciate your input. Come back again; I’ll try to have something new to hold your attention:



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