Medicine Bottles #33 & #34; 2 Gaucho Knots And 2 Headhunter Knots

Medicine bottles #33 & #34; Headhunter knots and Gaucho knots galore.

Medicine bottles #33 & #34; Headhunter knots and Gaucho knots galore.

Some of the tops on my prescription medicine bottle are reversible. One way is a simple screw off top, like mankind invented centuries ago. The other way is the “child-resistant” top which, as near as I can figure, was invented by a team of the top demons in Hell and Satan himself. I always thought that if the adults were too lax to keep the bottles out of the reach of children who were prone to devouring anything they got their hands on, that it was Mother Nature,s plan. By using both sides of on a cap you can mate 2 bottles up, mouth to mouth. It helps to keep things a little less crowded.

Now that I have surely offended someone, on to the knots, from the left side:

The first knot is a Headhunter knot done in black paracord.

The next knot is also a Headhunter knot. The difference is in the Bight count. The first knot has 9 Bights, and this one only 6. They are both of the over 2, under 2 weave characteristic of Headhunter knots of 2 passes.

The first knot on the second bottle is a Gaucho knot of 3 passes, done in black paracord.

The last knot on the far right is also a Gaucho knot, this one of 2 passes. There is also a difference in Bight count between the 2 Gaucho knots, similar to the Headhunter knots.

Yes, these two bottles with their knots sharing a family likeness, but with differences, were a self-assigned study. The more knots I learn of different form and structure, the more options I have when trying to make a project come out right. It is also more satisfying and less likely to bore — a constant hazard for me.

Thank you for coming by my site. Your visits and any comments are welcomed. That is why I am here in the first place. Come back again; as master of this parade of knots I’ll try to keep them high-stepping down the street:



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