A Golf Ball Trapped Inside A Pineapple Knot Woven On An 11 Lead X 10 Bight Base

A Golf Ball Wrapped In A Pineapple Knot.

A Golf Ball Wrapped In A Pineapple Knot.

This is the next piece in the “Ensnared Golf Ball Collection”. If any of you are wondering why I — a never-played-golf-in-my-life type person — has all these golf balls lying around to tie knots on, there is a logical reason. I tie most of my practice knots in hand. That means they end up being in a relatively narrow size range. It depends on how many fingers I use, and how tight I tie the initial knot. That size range just happens to coincide with golf balls and your average hot sauce bottle. I tried saving money by using ping-pong balls, but I crushed them all well before I had the knots worked down tight. So I buy inexpensive practice golf balls — hollow plastic. They are of questionable pedigree and virtue, but seem to stand up to most of my knots. There are occasional crush failures, but not often. The problem is solved, for very little money invested.

And now On With The Show — The knot on this ball is a Pineapple interweave, done on a base Turk’s Head of 11 Leads X 10 Bights. This gives a final count of ??!?? beats me — I think I can maybe count a Herringbone knot with some accuracy. A Pineapple knot — how and what do you count — which Bights — only the base knot? How far in do the Bights on the interweave have to be before they are no longer counted? One tuck, or three, which is too far? I am open to, even asking for, someone who has a system to let me in on the secret handshake and decoder ring stuff.

Like some of my other knots, this one had actually started to make the plastic on the far rim of the knot flow and flex. Discretion being the better part of valor, I stopped cranking down on it and dressed it. If I were an artiste I would say that I let the knot be itself and develop as its inner longings guided it. My brain just doesn’t work that way — I want the demon-ridden things to do as I desire.

If any of you know of any way in which I could improve either my knots or my site, please sing out. If you do not wish to leave a public comment you may use the “Write To Me Directly, Here” link on the upper right of the page. It sends me a private E-Mail, without showing up on the site. I will not post anything from these E-Mails without your express permission.

Thank you for investing the time and effort you put into looking at my site. I greatly appreciate the fact that you do have to make that investment, to come see the parade of knots. I will always try to make it worth your while. Come back again; the latest winter equinox rituals for the Gods Of Knots And Ropes seems to have been successful:



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