Medicine Bottle #29; A Pineapple Knot Tied Over A Mouse Makes It Easier To Open

Medicine Bottle #29; A Pineapple knot improves the grip. 01

Medicine Bottle #29; A Pineapple knot improves the grip. 01

Medicine Bottle #29; A Pineapple knot improves the grip. 02

Medicine Bottle #29; A Pineapple knot improves the grip. 02

This small bottle has one of those demon inhabited opening-resistant caps. The diameter of the Hell blasted thing is just under 1″. The cap is just barely larger — with hands the size of mine it doesn’t work as advertised. When I get a firm enough grip on the bottle to open it, you can only see/touch the cap by looking down into my fist. I could improve this only by throwing it out, or tying knots on it to make up for at least part of its shortcomings. Now let’s see …. William ties knots every day …. he also hates to throw out anything that can be made to work … I wonder, do you think he would tie some knots on this thing and try to bind that demon. Yes Sir, that is just what I did.

The cap was so thin and slick that turning it was a problem. In addition, you had to push down with about 4 pounds of force to unlock the mechanism. When you’ve done that,the problem is holding the bottle firmly enough to resist the applied force levels.

The only way out for me was to tie knots. The knots on this bottle were, from the lid:

The cap/lid was made easier to grip and turn by clapping on a Spanish Ring knot. This increased the diameter and also added a high-friction surface so you could turn it without looking like you were practicing some schtick for a live slapstick  act.

This left you with the problems of the bottle itself. It was way too thin, and way too slick. This led to a 7 Lead X 5 Bight, Turk’s Head knot being conscripted to act as a mouse. Over this went a Turk’s Head knot of 7 Lead X 6 Bight, doubled in white paracord. I then gave it a Pineapple interweave. Because the interweave is a single strand as opposed to the doubled base knot, it has an unusual look. It is however, as far as function goes, an elegant answer to the problem. The moused-out Pineapple knot is just large enough to fill the hollow of my palm so I can hold the bottle tight enough to grasp it with my off hand. Then it is just — squeeze very firmly (note: back off if you hear cracking noises) — make sure enough of the cap is out far enough to push and twist it open.

I can get it open if I’m fully alert and don’t get mistaken for someone trying to do a magic trick. …..Hey, you’re cheating, I can see the bottle!

I will be happy to see this one go, even though it has served its function, and generally kept its mouth shut about the job conditions. It is just that it doesn’t belong to the E-Z-Open class of bottles.

Careful observers can see that the Pineapple knot has distinctly visible undulating ribs. This is in part an artifact induced from the mouse material and the way I worked the knot. When I saw that they wanted to show a slight rib, I coaxed them to go that way …. only someone who has been subjected to greatly coercive treatment like maybe torture …. or a long dragged-out divorce … could understand what I mean when I say coaxed.

This is one bottle that has good knots on it, but one I won’t miss. The underlying bottle with the label which says ” Made in Hades by Mephisto Manufacturing, LTD”. tells me all I need to know.

Thank you for dropping by my site today. I greatly appreciate all visits/comments. Come back and watch me go crazy trying to keep those simple-minded mimes from scaring the kids watching the parade of knots:



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