Hot Sauce Bottle #6; A Larger 12 oz. Bottle Gives More Space For The Covering Of Turk’s Head Variants

Hot Sauce Bottle #6: covered in Turk's Head variants.

Hot Sauce Bottle #6: covered in Turk's Head variants.

Every once in a while I remind myself that my real hobby is tying knots, not taking pictures. This is one of those times. It says right here on the box that you should never visually decapitate your photo subject, and that framing space is important. Yep … that’s true. Unfortunately my camera does not have a time travel function, so this is the shot that will have to do.

The knots on this bottle are, from the top:

The neck of the bottle sports a white Gaucho knot of 2 passes; done in paracord. The finished knot counts out to 13 Leads X 16 Bights.

The next knots are a little confusing — both visually and to try and explain. The lower part of the neck is moused out with a knot tied in 5/16″ utility cord. The Bight count is 10 — the Lead count is mmufmp-mum-murkle. I lost the cheat sheet and forgot the knot. It doesn’t seem to mind, and performs its duty as a mouse without complaint. You can see the top rim of this knot between those that surround it. I do not remember the things that led up to it ending up like this — I’m sure I had some logical sounding ideas at the time — or maybe I meant to cover it up later with another knot and it fell through the cracks.

The next knot covers the moused out portion of the neck and the upper part of the shoulders. The base knot is a Turk’s Head of 9 Leads X 8 Bights, doubled, in black paracord. This knot is one of my standards. The upper portion of this knot has an interweave done in white paracord, also doubled. The top edge would qualify as a Herringbone in a more customary use. The bottom part of the interweave would be called a Pineapple knot in normal usage. What do I call this usage. Beats me … what the canonical nomenclature would be I haven’t got the foggiest notion. Maybe a Herringbone/Pineapple knot? I’ll let you decide based on the description given, and your personal naming system.Under this knot, and the first knot fully on the body of the bottle, is a Spanish Ring knot. It is done in the same 5/16″ utility cord used for the mouse.

The main feature knot on the body is a bi-color Gaucho knot of 2 passes, done in paracord. I have always called this two-toned effect a “Lightning Stroke”. I have lately heard that a Gaucho knot is called a “Lightning Knot” in some parts of Australia. I can not vouch for this, but given that many of the people tying these knots in isolated parts of that country probably didn’t have a copy of Mr. Grant’s book on horse tack and braiding, they could have come up with the name the same way I did.

The black knot on the bottom of the bottle is of 9 Leads X 36 Bights. It is done in an over 2, under 2, weave of black paracord. It is tied in what I have seen called a “W” knot, a 2 pass Gaucho knot, which, when looked at with the knot going around a horizontal cylinder, shows a “W” in the weave pattern. Or I guess more properly 36 “W’s” — one for each Bight.
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