Hot Sauce Bottle #5; Covered From The Lid Down With Turk’s Head Variants

Hot Sauce Bottle #5; covered in Turk's Head variants.

Hot Sauce Bottle #5; covered in Turk's Head variants.

This is the next piece from the “Hot Sauce Bottle Collection”. It also ended up being one of the bottles which I chose to try new things on. After putting knots on many of its kin, I have to try something new to fight boredom — and to try to improve my skills.

The knots on this bottle are, from the top:

The lid has a black Spanish Ring knot tied with gutted paracord.

The neck of the bottle is covered with a Turk’s Head of 9 Leads X 7 Bights, doubled in white paracord. It is of over 2, under 2, weave.

The green knot just below this is a Turk’s Head of the same count of Leads, Bights, and the same weave — but done with a single strand.

The black knot on the shoulders of the bottle is a Turk’s Head of 9 Leads X 7 Bights, doubled, of over 1,under 1 weave.

The last 3 knots were done to explore variations on a theme. The same count for the Leads & Bights, but still very different visually. The manipulations produced such differences that at first glance they don’t look as if they have anything in common.

The thin white knot below this is a Spanish Ring knot.

The green knot sandwiched between the 2 white ones is another Turk’s Head of 9 Leads X 7 Bights. It was done in a single strand, with an over 2, under 2, weave.

The next knot is a Spanish Ring knot done in white paracord. The reason it looks vastly different from the other Spanish Ring knot is that I started with a 3 Lead Turk’s Head which had a much higher Bight count.

The knot on the bottom of the bottle is the true novelty of this bunch. I started it off with a Turk’s Head of 11 Leads X 10 Bights, done in a single strand of black paracord. I then did a Pineapple interweave but restricted it to the first 3 rings of crossings. There is then an unadorned section of one crossing’s width. In the lowest ring of crossings I did another Pineapple interweave — but only of one ring.

This bottle from top to bottom proved to be a very satisfying exercise in knots. I realize that many people will not think it was worth the trouble for the finished look. To me it is the process as well as the product — both are fulfilling in their own ways. If other people also enjoy the end item, that is just an extra plus.

Thank you for coming by my site. I do greatly appreciate all your visits and any comments you leave. Come back again; the parade of knots goes on:



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