Tutorials on-line by Mr. Loren Damewood, Turk’s Head Knots And Some Extras

Mr. Damewood makes a living tying Turk’s Head knots — in gold wire. He performs that task brilliantly, and his jewelry is outstanding.

The tutorials are for Turk’s Head knots tied in string. The method he uses is tied in hand, but unlike the method I learned, he keeps all crossings and tucks on top of his hand. At any time you can see all the weave of a knot — on the back of the hand the lines run straight and come back up in the same positions they were in when they disappeared.

I have sent people to a variety of tutorial sites on how to tie Turk’s Heads. Some of them reported back that the only one that they understood immediately was his. After they “got it” they could then go back to the other sites and use their lessons successfully.

It seemed that I should put up a notice for those people who may be having a hard time with other lessons. Before you give up, go try the tutorials here — they might speak to you in a language that you can understand.

Please note: the links below are not live links (you can’t click on them and go anywhere). Mr. Damewood preferred that I link to the front door page to his tutorials, not individually to each lesson. It’s his site, so he gets to make the rules, and I am happy to oblige his desires.

Mr.Damewood has lessons on the following Turk’s Heads:

The first 3 links have a description to go along with the pictures; they are for these knots:

  • 5 Lead X 4 Bight
  • 5 Lead X 6 Bight
  • 7 Lead X 8 Bight

The next 6 tutorial links have pictures only. If you go through the first lessons, you should be able to follow these, even without the narrative.

  • 7 Lead X 9 Bight  Pictures only
  • 7 Lead X 10 Bight Pictures only
  • 7 Lead X 11 Bight Pictures only
  • 7 Lead X 12 Bight Pictures only

The 2 links below take you to a directory listing of the pictures. Click on the links, one at a time, starting at the top, and you will get a simulation of a web page with all the pictures — just slower. The lessons are for these knots:

  • 6 Lead X 5 Bight  Pictures only
  • 6 Lead X 7 Bight  Pictures only

Below this is a link to a tutorial on the method he uses to visualize the crossings and tucks before tackling it in wire. It is labeled:

  • “Planning a Five-lead by Six-bight Turk’s Head Knot”.

There are several assorted lessons or tips sheets under the links below those. They include some that are directly related to working in wire, but there are 2 downloadable PDF files — 1 for a 7 Lead X 6 Bight Turk’s Head, and 1 for a 7 Lead X 8 Bight knot.

There is an intriguing pictorial on a lesson for making knotted chain mail. I didn’t know what this was, so I peeked — it is a mesh of interlocking 3 Lead by 4 Bight Turk’s Head mats. They are loosely woven, so they are for looks rather than protecting you from edged or pointed weapons. You would look fine at the next Tilting Tournament — just don’t get so happy that you join in the festivities.

While you are there you should look around at his jewelry, he does some amazing Turk’s Heads in precious metals. He also has a different slant on tying Turk’s Heads because of the medium he works with.

Thank you for dropping by my site. Come back again; I hear the bands tuning up to restart the parade of knots;


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