Medicine Bottle #27: Turk’s Head Variants And An EZ-GRIP Knot

Medicine Bottle #27: Turk's Head variants and a button tassel.

Medicine Bottle #27: Turk's Head variants and a button tassel.

This is the next piece from the “Medicine Bottle Collection”. It shares all the common characteristics that we have come to expect. The EZ-Grip (PPP = Phony Patent Pending) is the only truly novel knot. The widely spaced pass of the knot which forms the gripping surface makes a very easy to grasp/open bottle.
The knots used on this bottle are, from the top:
The EZ-Grip outer knot that actually forms the gripping surface is a Turk’s Head of 4 Leads X 3 Bights, doubled in white paracord. The underlying Turk’s Head that acts as a mouse is of some unknown specification. It does its job, and very well, but like many a secretary or Sergeant it will never be known by the world at large. The tassel was formed by tying a Chinese Button knot and leaving the ends long as a rough tassel. To dress the inner end of the Button knot and make it stand out from other bottles with button knots, it was served over with gutted paracord. It does alter the appearance, but the real virtue becomes apparent when you are trying to sort the bottles by feel.
The lower knot is a bi-color Turk’s Head knot with a Pineapple interweave. The end count comes to 9 Leads X 8 Bights. The bi-color weave just adds another visual indicator to separate it from kith and kin under dim light.
Thank you for dropping by my site. I hope you have enjoyed the parade of knots, however much you stayed for. If you know of any way I can improve either my knots or my site … sing out:

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