A Spice Jar Covered In Turk’s Head Variants, With A Button Knot Accent

Turk's Head variants cover this jar.

Turk's Head variants cover this jar.

Like most things around here that are in this size range and are roughly circular in cross-section, this spice jar now wears a covering of knots. Many of my normal rationalizations for tying knots on bottles don’t quite apply here — at least not as strongly. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night and take a spice jar from my bed side medications, and it really wasn’t that hard to open. It just didn’t put up enough resistance, or hide well enough. One day when I was patrolling the house, looking for a home for a knot, it was the first thing I found which wasn’t already decked out in knots.
The knots used here were, from the top:
A Turk’s head knot of 5 leads x 4 bights, done in white utility cord. This knot also acts as the carrier for the Chinese button knot.
Another 5 lead x 4 bight Turk’s head, doubled. This was done in paracord, and sports the flat rims as done in the “lazy man’s colima knot” in the Grant book. This is a useful option to have in your kit. It allows a different look in your usual knot, and makes for a neat join where you need to abut a straight object.
The lowest knot is a Turk’s head variant of 9 leads x 7 bights. The weave in this knot is under 2, over 2, under 2, over 2. This is a nice knot … It looks quite handsome when doubled or tripled. Because the bights aren’t held as tightly as in a regular under 1, over 1, weave you can work this knot down over a narrower object than you could a standard knot of 7 bights. The longer path of the lead allows you to cheat the fairing a little.
Thank you for dropping by my site. I hope you gained sufficient profit to tempt you to return. If not, tell me what I could do to improve either my site or my knots. I would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts. See you next time:

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