A Hand Mirror With A Grip Improved By A Long 2 Bight Turk’s Head And A Plaited Tail

An improved grip with Turk's Head knots and a sinnet fob makes a handsome mirror.

An improved grip with Turk's Head knots and a sinnet fob makes a handsome mirror.

Today’s post illustrates a couple of things — I really will tie knots on anything that can’t outrun me and which doesn’t bite me before I can restrain it with the first pass of rope. The other is that even under these circumstances I can still produce an article which is improved by my ministrations.

This hand mirror started out just like the other million or so some plant made in the year it was  produced. At first the stock article was “good enough”, but at some point The Gods Of Ropes And Knots sent an idea into my dreaming mind: it would be greatly improved if covered with the knotted rope markers which would label it evermore as a child of the elder gods. From the early days of Earth’s History, when they ruled all the realm and men were allowed to prosper only if they worshipped these same Eldridge Gods Of Rope And Knots. I woke in the morning with the idea of tying a knot which would be used to dress the handle on this mirror.

The knots used were, from the mirror end:

A Spanish Ring knot — while these are commonly used to dress the less-than-perfect end of another knot, this was the first knot tied. It strengthened the handle and stabilized it, and also provided a dressed edge for the Turk’s Head which followed to work against.

Next came a Turk’s Head knot of 15 Leads X 2 Bights, doubled, in white paracord. This is one of the more useful Turk’s Heads, as it can be extended to any length needed. It can also be decreased or increased by the normal split-the-tracks method. I don’t often do that, because as you increase the bight count you hamper the greater asset of being able to tighten down on a very small diameter round.

The next knot started at the loop on the end of the handle, a fob consisting of a short length of 4 strand round sinnet that terminated in a double stack of Matthew Walker knots. The ends were left long and randomly trimmed to make a rough tassel.

The total length of all the knotting is just under 1′ — this makes it easy to spot — even when it has other things in mind for that night’s entertainment.

All of these knots add up to a very useful grip and fob system that performs its task well, as humble as that might be. Long years of faithful service have left us with a familiar problem. A lot of those long-serving entities are now showing their age and infirmity …. it seems like all at once they need an update. To top it off, they want a really nice job with really nice rewards — in their view they have labored in the vineyards and now want the good things they were promised then for delivery now. Me being caught in the middle, I need advice; how can I do my job while satisfying the whims and desires of these inanimate objects? If I fail to please them, they shall surely take it out on innocents.

I need your help. How can I tie knots on this go around that will satisfy them and save My Lady Rose from the tyranny of insulted objects that think they are of a higher station than is their true lot in life?

What would you do if you were in my position … at the mercy of the Gods Of Ropes And Knots.

Thank you for coming by my site. Come back again; it will either be going along smoothly …. or I will be at the mercy of the jinn.

Today I really want to hear you sing out:


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