A Gaucho Knot Worked Onto A Wooden Ball, A Test For A Key Fob Design

Front view of a Gaucho knot worked down onto a 1 1/2" wooden ball.

Front view of a Gaucho knot worked down onto a 1 1/2" wooden ball.


A Gaucho knot worked down tightly onto a wooden ball. A test for a future project.

A Gaucho knot worked down tightly onto a wooden ball. A test for a future project.



If you have read the other posts on my site, you know that I tend to tie test knots in order to prototype potential projects. This not only allows me to test small scale models with their assets, but also allows me to test parts of the design without doing the whole thing. This is a test for looks and utility in the design of a key fob. I may end up making quite a few of them, so it will pay me to test/streamline the design.

The ball is a 1 1/2″ wooden ball which I can buy economically in large bags. I use the paracord in part because it’s what I use the most these days — I am very comfortable working with it and have a good feel for how it works up. Another reason to use paracord is that the people around this part of the country are familiar with it, and its virtues; that’s one part of the sales equation which isn’t a problem. They would rather you used paracord over some unknown cord, about which they only know what they can see.

The knot is a Gaucho knot of 2 passes. As is my habit, instilled by both basic personality and training, I worked this knot down tightly. How tightly — Damn tightly, so tight that tapping on random spots doesn’t really sound any different. How tightly .. Very Damn tightly — so tightly that if it were alive it would die within moments and the EPA and Fish & Game would both put up posters of me “Alive or Tied Up As Tightly As He Tied That Poor Ball … So he can suffer the same death. Luckily the ball and its parent tree have already died at the hands of others. I can not think of any federal agency in charge of wooden balls which have been placed in painfully tight bondage. As far as anything short of Karma goes, I suppose I’m safe.

If the project passes all the design and economic studies, I shall post a picture of the complete project …. and yes, it will also be tied tightly.

Thank you for coming by my site. I do appreciate the company. Come back and see me again; I’ll try to keep the band stepping lightly and the pictures in focus:

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