Medicine Bottle #23; Covered In Turk’s Head Variants With One Button Knot For Accent

Medicne Bottle #23; Turk's Head variants cover the bottle -- lid to lower edge.

Medicne Bottle #23; Turk's Head variants cover the bottle -- lid to lower edge.

This is a vitamin jar. This magical
composition is supposed to help my other
medicines function better. I include it in
Medicine Bottle Collection because that is
the only reason I take them. At this point if
someone I believed in told me to go home,
strip and paint myself blue, light a large
fire on the full moon night, and dance til
dawn while chanting and waving dead
featherless chickens —– I would do it —
once. Of  course if it didn’t work, he and I
would be having another discussion about
what he was going to have to do to balance
the karmic books. This jar being larger than
the usual one gives me more canvas to play
with. This is what I did with it:

The knot on the lid is a Spanish Ring knot
of 2 passes. This makes the lid easier to
grip and turn. This knot also acts as the
carrier for the Button knot. Having three
bottles of similar size, I had to be able to
reliably tell them apart in dim light. One
got no Button, one got a Button about half
way down, down the side of the bottle,
and this one had the Button on the lid. It
works well as long as you wake up enough
for your brain to kick in gear.

The next knot is a Turk’s Head of 7 Leads X
6 Bights, tripled in black paracord. The
edges were worked so that the lobe usually
present on these knots was replaced by the
“Colima Lazy Man’s Method” espoused by Mr.
Bruce Grant. I had used them for some years
before I found his book “Encyclopedia of
Rawhide and Leather Braiding”. While I have
no affiliation with the author or the book
itself, I have chosen to use his
terminology. He has reached many people with
his chosen name for this knot. I have
reached three, and one of those lives in my
mirror, so it seems only fair. It does make
a different edge treatment that is
particularly useful when the knot is next to
something sporting a straight edge.

The thin white knot below the last one, is a
Turk’s Head knot, of 3 Leads X 17 Bights,
also in paracord.

The dark knot just below the thin white
line is a Turk’s Head knot of 5 Leads X 14
Bights, doubled in black paracord.

The lowest, but not the least, is a Turk’s
Head variant of 6 Leads X 5 Bights, in white

When you grab this bottle you have 4″ of
knotted grip improvements. It isn’t that you
feel like the Hulk, you just don’t have
those daily troubles with the gremlins that
dwell in bottles. I have never figured out
how they get such good grips on the inside
bottom of the lid. Maybe one day they will
leave some evidence of how it is done — I
could get rich if I figure some way to
get a patent.

Thank you for coming by my site. I do
greatly appreciate your visits, and if any
of you post –my my MY — I’m in hog heaven.
See you next time you’re around the parade
grounds; wave if you see me:


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