A Test Knot; A Long 2 Bight Turk’s Head Knot With A Herringbone Interweave

A long Turk's Head with a Herringbone interweave.

A long Turk's Head with a Herringbone interweave.


I would like to apologize for not posting on my usual schedule — a combination of the real world intruding — complicated by a sulky computer and problems with “The Operating System Whose Name Should Not Be Spoken Lest You Summon It”. I’ll try to get the parade moving again.

I often make a small scale prototype to verify that it is the one I want for a particular application. This also allows you to economise on time, materials, and labor. This knot is to be used in a longer form to cover a section on the shaft of walking stick. That is not a stick that walks by itself, but one that you carry on your walks for either assistance or style. Besides, you get to carry a 3′ long 1″ diameter hardwood stick everywhere you go — legally. I have found that this does wonders when dealing with snakes, of both the legless and the two-legged variety.

The knot is a 19 Lead X 2 Bight Turk’s Head knot, doubled, in green paracord. It is then given a Herringbone interweave in one strand of black paracord. At first I tried just following the lead of the knot with the black strand — it just didn’t have the proper look. I ripped it out and then did the Herringbone interweave. It has the look I was going for, and also makes the knot more structurally sound. The crossovers brace all of the passes of both colors.

Thank you for coming by my site. My aim is to please your eyes, and your mind — and sometimes to pass along some information that you find useful. If you can think of any way I can improve any of these things, please let me know. I’ll see you again when you come by:


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