A Pen Wrapped In A Long Turk’s Head Knot, Of Thin Utility Cord


The pen with a Turk's Head knot, large enough to give an excellent grip without interfering with its use.

The pen with a Turk's Head knot, large enough to give an excellent grip without interfering with its use.

Detail of the pen showing the size and structure of the gripping surface.

Detail of the pen showing the size and structure of the gripping surface.




This pen was done long enough ago that it has since quit working. And after all the work I put into it and having to make extra sacrifices to The Gods Of Ropes And Knots…. But still, it was a good pen and seemed to be filled with just the words I needed to make my point — just when I needed them. Because of that great effort on its part, it seems only fair that I reward it with its day in the Sun (or is that photo-flash). Well, anyway, here we go.

This is your more or less standard, fits-the-hands-of-most-people pens. The problem is that I am definitely not “most people”. I wear a Sasquatch XXX-Large glove, and those skinny little pens can be a trial on a cold morning. A paracord Turk’s Head with a Pineapple interweave makes it too large by half again. The answer turned out to be a Turk’s Head knot, but not done in the usual paracord. This is a thin, camo-colored synthetic line about 1/16″, with a slight stretch. The knot that fit the space turned out to be a 15 Lead X 2 Bight, tripled in the aforementioned cord. One thing which should be remembered when doing things like this, is that the definition of camouflage changes when you change the environment you are operating in. The woodland camo with the perfect woodland print, is no good in the Arctic. Well, maybe for the two weeks of Spring/Summer, then it’s no good again for 10 months. Similarly, woodsy, outdoor type, far-flung ends of the earth type camo is no good at the Mall. Yes I did use it, but only because it was free, and I desperately needed the pen to work … I did not care what it looked like while it did its job.

When worked down to my normal degree of tightness it was very secure, large enough to get a good grip on, and comfortable in use. Thats when The Gods Of Ropes And Knots turned me over to the joker bastard from hell devision. It quit working about a month past the christening celebration.

So here I was with the perfect knot tied onto a pen that was a demon from hell. It would work just long enough to encourage me, and then it would stutter/stumble along, working just enough to make me harbor a foolish hope. If I only shook it, or blew on it, or tapped in some arcane pattern, or held  it just right it would work. No way in Heaven, Hell, God,s green earth, or the Devil’s deep blue sea.

It didn’t take me long to get the point — sometimes I am a little slow, but after the forth or fifth solid hit from a 12 LB. sledge, I start to get the slightest of ideas beginning to  curl around my thought paths. I do promise that as soon as this post is on-line I’m going to get my drums, my woad, my coyote skin robe, at least two dead chickens — fully plucked, and I am going to hold a firelight exorcism ceremony.

Then I’m going to burn that demon-ridden pen.

Other than my poor rapport with The Gods Of Ropes And Knots, can you see any way that I can improve either my site or my knotting skills? I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Come back again and I’ll try to have more knots and less story:

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