Medicine Bottle #22; Covered By One Turk’s Head And One Gaucho Knot

Medicine Bottle #22 covered in Turk's Head variants.

Medicine Bottle #22 covered in Turk's Head variants.



This medicine bottle is of a different size and shape than the standard type one each, cheap plastic, off-amber in color, prescription bottle — with the top any child can pop off without looking, and any adult has to fight with — patent pending and/or granted. This allowed me to take some liberties that are not normally available. With a larger canvas, I was allowed to paint a larger picture with my knots.

The knots used are, from the top:

A Turk’s Head of 7 Leads X 6 Bights, doubled in black paracord.

The lower knot (position only … this does not imply or state anything else in regards to the characteristics this knot may/may not have) is a Gaucho knot, done in black paracord. I have seen this knot referred to as the “W Knot”, because of the pattern seen if you look at it from side to side. I use the Gaucho term only because it was the first name I learned for this knot. This was in a book by Mr. Grant, and it has always seemed that more people are familiar with this name. The true task of language is to communicate your thoughts clearly and quickly to another person — I tailor my language guided by this dictum. If everyone else in the knotting world called this a “purple floodanger” then so would I.

By the terrible grace of The Gods Of Ropes And Knots this parade marches on. I do hope that it either entertains or educates you; the really lucky ones reap both benefits. If there is any way in which I can improve either my site, or my knots, please let me know. If you don’t want the whole world to know you’ve written me, feel free to use the “Write To Me Directly Here” link. It bypasses the normal comment system and sends a private E-Mail to me. I greatly appreciate the visitors I get on a daily basis — the ones which take the extra time and effort to write just make it a little sweeter. This also means I can improve my site based on your — the user’s — wish, rather than guessing. If you have anything to say … if there is anything you want me to know … Sing Out!

I will now start waiting for my highly valued guests to send me their thoughts by comment — E-Mail — carrier pigeon — or secret para-psychological vibrations:


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