Medicine Bottle #20, A Turk’s Head Improves The Grip

A Turk's Head knot graces medicine bottle #20.

A Turk's Head knot graces medicine bottle #20.


This is the next piece in the “Medicine Bottle Collection”. This bottle isn’t as knot-encumbered as some of them. To make the bottles easier to pick out by feel in dim light, I try to make them all different. Many of them have button knots or are completely covered in knots. To make them stand out, some of them have to be simpler, with fewer knots. This bottle either won or lost the lottery, depending on your taste and point of view. It is graced with a lone Turk’s Head, of 9 Leads X 8 Bights, doubled in black paracord.

This is one of my standard knots: I tie it in hand, then work it down to fit its home. If it is to be doubled, I usually double it in hand also before working it down. By artful manipulation you can snug down both passes on your first trip through. Sometimes this will get one of the passes tight enough to serve, but you still have to carry the slack on another trip through the knot. If the first trip was good enough to tighten one pass you can get away with the single half circuit on the other pass. Even if it isn’t tight enough for use, it takes almost all of the slack out of one pass of cord.

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