Medicine Bottle #19, With Turk’s Head Variants & A Chinese Button Knot

Medicine bottle #19, Turk's Head variants cover most of the bottle. A Chinese Button knot adds elan.

Medicine bottle #19, Turk's Head variants cover most of the bottle. A Chinese Button knot adds elan.



After the run of roses from the wedding, it is time to do something mundane — another knot-covered bottle. This is Medicine Bottle #19, not as fancy as roses, but handsome in its own way, and very practical. The knots provide an EZ-Open grip, as well as making the bottle easy to identify under dim light — at 3 in the morning — in a crowd of bottles — while you aren’t quite legally conscious. I get a new supply of bottles every month with the meds. I pass the old ones on to a friend who works at a charity kitchen, whose patrons don’t have much, if anything. So a small and useful item they can have as their own and get some use out of, makes a fine end use for these bottles. In many ways that is the highest point in each bottle’s life, the time when it is most appreciated. It is amazing to realize the level of pride in ownership that is attached to something you could just have readily thrown away.

The knots on this bottle are, from the top:

A Turk’s Head in white utility cord; it has 3 Leads X 8 Bights and also carries the Chinese Button knot.

The knot that forms the feature on this bottle is a 17 Lead X 15 Bight Gaucho interweave, in green paracord, woven into a Turk’s Head of unknown specifications. Under this knot are three other Turk’s Heads which fill the role of a mouse. Turk’s Heads are more costly in time and material than the regular methods. In return, the make a near-perfect mouse, being tight, not slipping on the substrate, and having enough structural strength to hold, no matter the shape you torque them into filling.

These knots enlarge the diameter of the bottle so it will fill your hand better. They also greatly increase the security of your grip, making it nearly slip-proof.

Now that I am back to some of the less dramatic knots, I would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts on my site/knots. Come back for the next act passing by in this parade of knots; no roses for a while, but I’ll try to keep you satisfied:


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