A White Rose From The Wedding Collection, Turk’s Head Blossom & Braided Leaves.

Turk's Head knots in white paracord make handsome roses.

Turk's Head knots in white paracord make handsome roses.



This is a single rose, from a set I made for a wedding. The rose itself is made from nested Turk’s Head knots. Each knot is made a little larger than the last by either increasing the Lead & Bight count, or by following the original pass of the knot more times.

The blossoms were made by the same method, but they were worked much tighter.

The leaves were plaited, starting from the tip, with integral stems. The leaves have either 4 or 6 strands. The stems are all of 4 strand round sinnet, while the large leaves use 2 of the original strands for a core. Some of the small leaves were worked loosely so that when you were arranging them you could make them narrower, wider, or twisted. The ring between the leaf and the stem is to keep this looseness in the leaf. The other leaves also have a ring around the stem, just so all of them look the same.

None of the items in this picture are connected. I didn’t know how the decorator was going to use them on the cake, so I left them loose to allow maximum flexibility in their arrangement.

Please let me know what you think. How can I make them better for the next time?

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Drop by again when you can; I try to keep the parade moving, and as interesting as I can make it:

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