Roses For A Wedding Cake, Made Of Turk’s Head Knots

Roses made out of cord and thread tied into Turk's Head knots.

Roses made out of cord and thread tied into Turk's Head knots.

The cat is now officially out of the bag. The pink roses explain that pink drink coaster. The unofficial name that pink thing contest is over — the winner will be notified by getting a pink thing.

My Lady Rose has a friend, who has a friend who is getting married. This friend was looking for something unusual to give as a gift. Because she has visited my site she knew about the roses I make for My Lady Rose. She thought they would be a nice and novel gift. My Lady Rose agreed. I did the macho thing any manly man should do when faced by two women united in purpose — I quickly threw in the towel. This artful move meant that I would have the perfect excuse to sit and tie knots.

This is the first of a series of photos I took before I sent the roses off to meet their fate. Because of my self-imposed rules, I make these out of cords and a little thread. I don’t use glue, paste, forms, wire, or any supports of any kind. Paracord and embroidery floss and a little thread are all there is behind the glamour.

Each flower is made by layering different sized Turk’s Head knots. I tie them in hand and then work them down around the center knot. The yellow floss stands in for the pollen bearing stamen. Each bloom or blossom also has a green Turk’s Head as a base. This makes them look  better, and also covers up the bottom of the knots which form the petals. I didn’t make stems / branches for these because they are slated to top the cake, in place of the little plastic people. I did plait up some leaves on separate stems so they could have them to dress the cake. Pictures of individual blooms will follow these over the next few days.

Thank you for coming by my site. I hope you have been rewarded adequately enough for you to return. If you know of any way I could improve either my site or my knotting skills, I would very much like to hear from you. Come back again; I’ll try to keep the parade moving:

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