A List Of Links To My Posts On Drink Coasters And Their Kin

As long as my post on the rare and endangered Pink Drink Coaster was, I didn’t include links to related posts — a lack that was quickly pointed out to me. The remedy to this now glaringly obvious error follows:

The post that kick-started this one was about a coaster made of pink paracord. If you missed it, it is here.

A Gaucho knot mat, a passable coaster, but a boldly graphic mat.

This is the most viewed post on my blog. On the image search sites it makes an attractive picture; perhaps that is the secret. It stays high up on the Google Image search in several search terms. It may stay so high up because it is visited so often. There is a hook in here somewhere.

This is a little off the mark, but it is close kin. It is a bracelet made from a Prolong Mat. It is not usually tied as a coaster, but mats are close enough to interest me.

A Turk’s Head mat that I originally tied as research on the paracord coaster question. It is too uneven, and lacks stiffness / body, making a poor coaster. For other things, and in larger cordage, it would work. Thump mats come to mind, assuming your boat thumps.

A torus shaped Turk’s Head knot. Cut in half and looked at end on, it would look like a tire cut similarly. It is worked tightly enough to sound like wood when tapped. A further reach, but still kin. If you’re still with me it is worth a look.

This is the last port in this tramp’s tour of ring shaped knots. A 10 year old lamp pull, tied like the torus shaped knot above. If you’ve come this far, you may as well go all the way, and look at this one, too.

This should cover my mandated list of links for now. Thank you for taking the time to follow along. Come back again. The next post will continue my parade of knots instead of looking back down the line. If you see me next time, wave:


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