A Spray Bottle Made Easier To Hold By Adding Turk’s Head Knots

A bottle with Turk's Head knots.

A bottle with Turk's Head knots.



This is your typical bottle of nasal spray of some sort. I didn’t want to have to juggle it every time I used it, so I added knots — as I’m prone to do to anything that can’t outrun me and doesn’t bite. I have recently acquired this fine nylon cord. It is smaller than I usually use, but looks very nice and has a lot of body for its size. This is also the cord I used to make the blue chain sinnets down the page about 6 or 7 posts.

Any time I am faced with a cylindrical object that is smaller than 6″ or so, I instantly think it would look better with a Turk’s Head knot. In this case I had the further excuse of saying that I was improving the grip.

The knots I used on this bottle are:

The top knot is a Turk’s Head of 9 Leads X 4 Bights, doubled.

The lower knot is a Turk’s Head of 11 Leads X 10 Bights. On this knot I led the ends out and tied a Chinese Button knot. No real reason this time — I just like the look. Usually when I do this, it is to make the item easier to pick out of a mix of similar items. I guess I just learned to like it.

The top knot is the handsomer of the two. Because it was doubled, it held its shape better. The lower knot looks a little crowded to my eye. Next time I will double it as well. This will also make a wider knot, and cover more of the bottle.

Thank you for coming by my parade of knots. Sing out if you see any way to make it better. Come back again; I do appreciate it when the count on the meter goes up:

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