A Bracelet Made From A Chain Sinnet Accented With A Turk’s Head Knot

A square chain sinnet makes a nice bracelet.

A square chain sinnet makes a nice bracelet.

This Turk's Heads dresses the ends of the sinnet and adds an accent.

This Turk's Heads dresses the ends of the sinnet and adds an accent.

While tying knots using my “Monkey Method” I ended up with a 12″ length of this chain sinnet. Because it is nice to make something My Lady Rose likes and can use, I decided to make a bangle bracelet. Because the chain sinnet has some stretch, she can ease it over her hand. It will not fall off after it recovers its normal length, but unlike many of the Turk’s Head bracelets she can remove it — without a knife.

After careful measurement I sewed the ends of the sinnet together. To dress the joint and add a little flair, I clapped on a Turk’s Head knot. It is tied in black paracord and has 7 Leads X 6 Bights, doubled. It isn’t perfectly symmetrical because of the way the ends overlap. It is close enough for casual wear, but I wouldn’t wear it to the Queen’s tea party.

I have made other things that are kin to this; you can find them at these links:

This is a bracelet made from a prolong knot. The toggle is held on by a Turk’s Head.

This cuff bracelet made from a 3 pass Gaucho knot gets a lot of traffic.

A choker necklace made from a series of carrick bends.

Roses for My Lady Rose to wear on her hat for a Run For The Roses party. A top down shot of the largest rose is here.

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  1. do you sell or give away the directions of how to do your knots?

    thank you.

    • David:

      I haven’t sold anything over the net. Usually when someone wants to know how to make something I find a tutorial on the net and provide a pointer to it. If you want to learn something that doesn’t have an adequate tutorial, I would consider making one for that item. I don’t see the profit it duplicating the fine efforts of others — but something new that isn’t out there is another question. It might take a little time to make one depending on how involved the process becomes.

      Let me know what you are interested in and we will find some way to make you happy.

      Most of the knots I use are also available in many books, I could recommend one if that would serve you needs better.

      I hope this helped, if not please write back. With all the knowledge and people there are on the net we can do it one way or another. Remember ….. The Knot Is Out There!


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