A Hat Band For Casual Wear, Made Out Of Sixty Feet Of Paracord

A hat band made by crocheting 60' of paracord.

A hat band made by crocheting 60' of paracord.

This hat band was inspired partially by curiosity about making one by crocheting it. The rest of the motivation came from seeing all the attempts to carry lengths of paracord in an unobtrusive way for emergency use. I almost always wear a hat band made from braided paracord. I do so because I like the look — and I tie knots for a hobby. I am accustomed to the concept. But some of the attempts to carry too much cord, in a too casually made hat band, floor me. The one that always comes to mind when I am putting on my hat was one with a loose, sloppy coil of about fifty feet, held to the hat with zip ties. One day I decided to see if there was some way to carry that much cord — without looking like you tripped and fell in the rope locker.

The hat band that resulted was this one. I remembered how a sweater will unravel and leave you shivering while holding a long string of yarn. I decided that crocheting might work. There was one problem — I didn’t know how to crochet. I went on-line and found some basic tutorials on the craft. After a little practice, I grabbed a spool of paracord and started. This hat band ended up holding an amazing sixty feet of paracord. I must admit I wouldn’t wear this hat band to anything but a casual affair. But if I wanted to carry that much cord, it would be my first choice. The other advantage over other braids is that it is all one length of cord. My hat band is made out of an 8 strand braid, with doubled cords, and probably holds as much. That one, however, has several shorter lengths — not sixty feet in one cord.

While making this hat band I was pleased to think that this was another craft, along with knitting, that was practiced by old time deep water sailors.
They also had to “make and mend” their own clothing. If you were shanghaied out of a bar, you started the voyage with the clothes you stood in when you were coshed.  You also wouldn’t have enough money to buy ready mades from the slop chest. Until you had worked off the crimps fee, the only way to get more was to sew, or crochet / knit them.

I have other hat bands on my site; you can reach them at these links:

The first one is a bi-colored 8 strand braid, with doubled paracord strands.

The second one is a 3 Lead X 26 Bight Turk’s Head knot. A little dressier looking than the 8 strand sinnet.

The third one is an even dressier hat band made from a 7 strand sinnet of under 1, over 2, under 2, over 1, braid. It is made in black paracord for a more subdued look.

Thank you for coming by my site. If you know of any way to improve on this hat band, please let me know. Come back again. After a few test-only posts, I’m going to be posting some more pix. See you next time:

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