A Dress Wear Hat Band Made Out Of A Four Strand Flat Braid In Black Paracord

A hat band made from 4 strand braid, with Turk's Head knots.

A hat band made from 4 strand braid, with Turk's Head knots.

This hat band was made at the request of a friend. He needed something he could wear that wouldn’t excite negative comments — or cause excitement. Most dress wear hat bands, shoes, and belts are black. This made choice of color easy. The thin 4 strand braid seemed like a good compromise between something people wouldn’t see in a negative light, and something people wouldn’t see at all. The Turk’s Heads that form the keeper and dress up the loose end add a little flair.

In the picture you can see a leather band under the one I made — this is my hat and came with that band. His hat wasn’t available for the picture.

The braid ends up being about 1/2″ wide by 1/8″ thick.

The keeper is a 9 Lead X 4 Bight Turk’s Head knot, doubled.

On the loose end of the braid I first made a double Matthew Walker knot. This didn’t seem to hold its own next to the keeper, so I used it as a mouse and clapped on a Turk’s Head of 5 Leads X 4 Bights, doubled. The ends of the braid were trimmed short as a random length 4 strand tassel.

The post below this one has links to my other posts with hat bands I made.

I like the look of this hat band enough that I plan on making one for myself. What is your opinion on it? Do you know of any way I could improve it?

Thank you for coming by my site. I hope you enjoyed it or found it useful. If you can think of an improvement, please leave a comment. See you next time you drop by my parade of knots:

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