Medicine Bottle # 18 With A New-To-Me Way To Interlace A Turk’s Head Knot

Medicine bottle # 18; with a Turk's Head and a novel interlacing.

Medicine bottle # 18; with a Turk's Head and a novel interlacing.

One of the things about tying knots as a past-time is finding new and different things to try. Like many other craft or hobbies, if you aren’t careful you can end up working repetitive projects. This usually happens when you find something others like, and want. In the long run it doesn’t matter if you sell them or give them away. You can end up feeling like a wage-bound pieceworker, passable if you are selling them for enough to make it worthwhile — terrible as a hobby.

Every once in a while I decide that today I will invent something new. Rarely is it truly new to the whole world. People have been playing with strings and cords for a long time. But you can come up with something that is a least new-to-you. Usually I later discover that someone else has not only tied it, but written about it in their book. It still serves its purpose; it is just a reminder of how long we have been playing at this.

Today’s post is one of those self-assigned jobs. It is interesting visually, and makes a surprisingly stiff ring if you slide it off your mandrel (medicine bottle for me). The base knot was a standard Turk’s Head, of 12 Leads X 11 Bights, in black paracord. The interlace is also paracord. I tied the knot with an even lead count so I could lace through a centerline seam. I went around the knot lacing first one side, then the other, in two rings. After working the knot tight on the bottle, I worked the interlace tight. I had to ease some of the white loops into position, as they wanted to ride up over each other.

I think it is a handsome enough knot to pursue the idea further. The fact that the finished knot is almost firm enough to use as a napkin ring without varnish or a hidden brace ring is an unexpected asset.
If anyone has seen or tied something similar, I would like to hear about it.

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