Links To All My Posts About The Lamb’s Wool Dusters With Knotted Handles

Someone asked me to make the posts on the lamb’s wool dusters easier to find. I am going to give you the links and some brief comments on several of them.

First, there are two of them that were more expensive / better made than the others. They are at these links:

The first one is about 18″ overall and has a turned handle. The handle profile makes the knots follow the original form with minimal use of mouse (?? mouses ??).

The second one is about 30″ long and has a straight dowel for a handle. It has seen the most use and the knots are due for replacement.

The next 7 dusters were inexpensive plastic-mounted future gifts. The straight hollow plastic tube which forms the handles is limp and thin-walled. They are much improved by the knotwork, in stiffness, function, and looks. While tying the knots, I discovered the end caps which were molded with loops to hang them from were only a press fit. They let go easily while I was knotting; they would have fallen off under normal use. Parts of my knotting were aimed at fixing this weakness.

The first one is here. It is visually striking because of the bi-color grapevine hitching.

The second one is here. You can see a short section of the greenish blue tubing between the knots on this one.

The third one is here.

The fourth one is here. The bi-color Pineapple knot is the star.

The fifth one is here.

The sixth one is here. Bi-color Gaucho knots make this one bold enough to stand out among its kin.

The seventh one is here. Another bi-color Pineapple knot stands out on this one.

That is it for the lamb’s wool dusters. I think that both the lambs and I could use a break.

Thank you for coming by. If you have any suggestions for improving either my site or my knots I would greatly appreciate your letting me know. If you don’t feel like speaking in public, there is a link on the upper right of the page which sends a private E-Mail directly to me. The person who suggested the last two posts used this link. See you again next time:


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