Letter Opener # 2: With Hand Grips Improved By Turk’s Head Variants

A letter opener with Turk's Head variant knots on the handle.

A letter opener with Turk's Head variant knots on the handle.

Over the weekend I was checking my site for dead links and discovered I had made an error. Somehow I had skipped over this letter opener when I was posting the set of three. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa. The post I had written for it seems out of place now. So here we go with an all new post … and finally giving these knots their due.

As I said last time we were gathered around the campfire to talk about my letter openers,there are several reasons for the knots on these tools. That could be — looks, improved grip, enlarged grip to fit my hands, or …. I had just tied a knot that I didn’t think should escape sacrifice to the Gods Of Rope And Knots. Of course, some of the knots that out-maneuver the axe in their youth fall victim later, when the next really good knot is looking for a home.

The knots on this letter opener are:

On the main part of the handle is a Turk’s Head knot of 15 Leads X 2 Bights, doubled in black paracord.

The white knot is a Headhunter knot of 2 passes.

The visible knot on the end cap is a Gaucho knot of 2 passes, tied in green paracord. It is tied over a mouse — a Turk’s Head knot of 5 Leads x 4 Bights, doubled in black paracord. If you have been following the bouncing ball, you know by now that I think a Turk’s Head makes the best mouse, assuming you can stand the time and material costs. In return, you get a mouse that will hold its shape and position better than most things you could use.

Thank you for dropping by my site. If you have any thoughtful suggestions for any way I could improve either my site or my knots, please let me know. See you next time:

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