The 5th Lamb’s Wool Duster To Be Improved By Knotting Over The Handle

A wool duster with the handle covered in Turk's Head variants.

A wool duster with the handle covered in Turk's Head variants.

This is the next piece in the series of some inexpensive lamb’s wool dusters we bought for when we need a small gift. The handles were thin and limp. This made it easy for me to talk My Lady Rose into letting me place them on the alter to the Gods Of Knots. They now seem much improved by the experience.

The first thing I did on this one was to cover the entire length of the handle tubing with a 2 bight Turk’s Head, doubled in black paracord. I’m guessing it was of around 23 Leads.

The left end of this knot was dressed with a Turk’s Head of 8 Leads X 7 Bights.

The large knot on the right end is a Gaucho Knot of 2 passes. It is tied over a mouse made from another Turk’s Head. This is more work than other methods of mousing, but it lets me tie another Turk’s Head … and maybe practice a knot I’m trying to learn.

The original plastic end loop of the handle proved to be of poor design / implementation. It was a loose press fit that would pop off if you bumped it wrong. The last knot on the left was added to fix this shortcoming. It is a  Turk’s Head of 6 Leads X 5 Bights.

The loop of cord I added is anchored under the mouse and Gaucho knot. The ends of the loop are joined by a doubled Chinese Button knot.

The Gods Of Knots And Cords have another victim served up to them, covered in knots for their pleasure. The world can rest a little calmer for this, I’m sure.

Thank you for visiting my site. I appreciate your coming by to see my offerings. Come back again for the next one:

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